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Industrial Training Systems (ITS-UTM) is a web based application system which is developed to manage the industrial training process in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Industrial training refers to placement of students for at least ten weeks in the industry or organisation in order for them to apply their theoretical knowledge in the actual career world. Industrial training is one of the main components in the curriculum. Students must pass the industrial training in order to be awarded the certificate. During industrial training, students will be placed at selected organisations for a predetermined duration of time in order for them to obtain exposure to the career world and also for them to be able to relate what has been learned theoretically with the real application. At the same time, students will be equipped with the necessary preparation for working life such as the exposure to numerous aspects of social, interaction, cultural and work processes in career world.


There are 4 groups of registered users in ITS-UTM : System Administrator, Industrial Training Committee, Lecturer and Students who undergo Industrial Training.

ITS consists of the following modules:

  • Main Page
  • User Profile Management
  • Program Session Management
  • User  Management by System Admin/Industrial Training Committee
  • Student Pre-registration
  • Company Management
  • Placement and Letters Management
  • Supervision
  • Event Management
  • Assessment
  • Survey
1 . Untuk makluman, Jika terdapat masalah dalam penggunaan sistem ITS, sila rujuk ke panduan pengguna ITS di alamat berikut, its.utm.my/ext. Sila login menggunakan katanama iaitu user dan katalaluan iaitu user2012.

2 . Untuk makluman semua pelajar yang menjalani LI, jika ada permasalahan mengenai pengurusan LI di sistem ITS termasuk user dan password sila rujuk dengan penyelaras di fakulti masing-masing terlebih dahulu.


Please use a valid Staff / Matric Number and password to log into the system.

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